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March 21, 201802:00 PM
Have these measurements handy before you move.
March 20, 201812:24 PM
Though it may not feel like it outside, today is the #FirstDayofSpring! What are you most looking forward to about…
March 17, 201801:01 PM
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you all year long!
March 15, 201801:01 PM
Moving is good time to downsize or declutter.
March 13, 201801:16 PM
You've signed the lease, paid the deposit, and you're ready to move! Here’s a handy checklist of things you’ll need…
March 9, 201808:01 AM
Drawers can be useful storage spaces when moving, but not if they fly open when you take a turn!
March 7, 201808:24 AM
Are you living in the right city?
March 1, 201809:01 AM
Whether just downsizing or moving to an assisted living community, you'll need some help getting mom and dad on the…
February 27, 201802:34 PM
How to pack every room in the house.
February 21, 201812:43 PM
Moving is stressful enough. Take a weight off your shoulders and leave the heavy lifting to us!
February 19, 201809:01 AM
If you could choose any president to have dinner with, who would it be and why? #HappyPresidentsDay
February 15, 201812:01 PM
Maintaining your yard will help you sell your home, and protect it at the same time.
February 14, 201801:00 PM
Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope your day is filled with family, friends and happy moments that become favorite memories.
February 7, 201810:16 AM
Have you heard about the news feed changes coming to Facebook? You may see fewer of our posts unless you choose "se…
February 4, 201810:00 AM
Grab the finger food & your friends - It's game day!
February 1, 201806:00 PM
Punxsutawney Phil will predict the weather tomorrow! Are you team #spring or team #winter? #GroundhogDay2018
January 31, 201810:26 AM
Whatever the reason for having to leave your home, it’s important to remember to protect it while you’re gone.
January 25, 201804:01 PM
Here's a checklist of companies, utilities and agencies you should tell about your move to make sure there's no con…
January 23, 201804:04 PM
Don't forget, cold temperatures can be just as damaging to your belongings as they would be to your body!
January 19, 201812:01 PM
Once you're all settled in at your new place, you're going to want something to do!
January 17, 201812:05 PM
Before you can store your belongings, you're going to need something to put them in!
January 12, 201809:02 AM
Don't worry, be happy! Here's how to minimize stress during a move.
January 10, 201809:35 AM
The holiday season can definitely stretch our finances, but the show must go on. Here's how to move on a budget.
January 5, 201801:00 PM
Have you found the perfect home? Congratulations! Now it's time to tackle a few more tasks before closing and move-…
January 3, 201801:11 PM
While moving after the holidays is tricky, it’s also a great way to start fresh as you kick-off the new year in you…
January 1, 201808:30 AM
Thank you for making this a great year for our business! We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store! #HappyNewYear
December 29, 201710:37 AM
Furniture that's being stored for more than a couple weeks should be wrapped for protection.
December 27, 201702:59 PM
We get it, moving is stressful. But the more you can plan, the less exhausted you'll be.
December 25, 201709:00 AM
Wishing you & yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! #TisTheSeason
December 22, 201701:00 PM
Moving in to a new rental usually requires proof of income. Here are a few acceptable way to prove you've got the c…

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NYC movers and packers ready for your relocation! People often forget just how complicated a move to New York City can be! It’s not only about stuffing your things in a truck and driving away. Instead, you need to plan everything out well and pack things up carefully. To help you with this, IPS NYC Movers offer amazing moving and packing services! We will help you plan everything out, offer our packing supplies to help you secure your items and then transport them! Call us today to get the full moving experience!
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    "Jim S."

    I can't say enough good things about this company. They gave me a bid over the phone. I added a few more things at the last minute and their invoice was...

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    "Clare G."

    IPS Movers were amazing during my recent move. Booking was easy. Rich and Luis were great to work with throughout the whole process. This was not the...

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    "Mona P."

    I had to move from NYC to Western NY, in a short period of time. Rich and his crew nicely helped me to pack and move very quickly during the stressful COVID...

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Woodside, NY 11377

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